Fishing nets for fishing at sea from your boat, yacht and sailboats



Length= 400mm Height=300 mm Width= 300mm


Length= 600mm Height= 150mm Width 400mm

Exploded view of the model.

Consists of 4 different parts : higher with the entry for traps, bottom where it carries the ballast ( cement), two pins that make the axis of the upper and lower Órte and two pins that make the closure of the two parties.

This would be the basic model.


You can clip, allowing cheaper in the shipping costs.

Once at the destination is terminaria to mount the trap In 1 cubic meter may be transported 100 units.


These Dummy are used so that the trap is, more efÚctiva according to species. Of picks is used for fishing of octopus, hinders the output . Dummy round , is used to camÓrones, shrimps, prawns, shrimp.

Put rope and cement

With this way of placing the rope, allows them to withstand the jerking, displacing the pressure throughout the trap. It puts the mortar in the area covering the rope. The mixture of being a by tion of cement and two servings of sand and a handful of glass fiber to give more consistency

To put the cement , you will need to put plastic film above the trap, lay the cement and that once dry you can lift without problem, it is left to dry the cement a day. The next day you are given back to the trap and fills in the gaps that remain. It is left to dry long enough

The ballast can vary from 3 kg to 7 kg . Depending on the profuncidad, currents and boats

The traps, can be sent with cover to place the bag of bait, and with side door for the draining of catches. We can also send the necessary material and end user , saving in costs

The trap front view with rope and cement as

The cover where is the bait and the side door for the draining of catches are optional. With each delivery we always send a completely finished We can send the model with all mounted, we can also send you the door and the hook and the user puts

In the opening pins , you put a rubber band diam. 8 so the pins, remain in place and not be lost.

The most requested by our clients, are the measures of basic model. You can make multiple models , on the basis of the original model.


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